Abdullah Soydan

Sound Designer, Audio Programmer, Academic

Technical Test Practice

A brief demonstration of a Max patch that I created as practice for my candidacy exams. I was provided with a list of features and tasked with creating a Max patch within a four-day timeframe.


Here is a demonstration of Granulate, a granular synthesizer that is controlled by a Leap Motion sensor, with fingers controlling various effect parameters.

Hands-on: Disperser / Erosion

I replicated two plugins that I like (Disperser by Kilohearts and the Erosion device in Ableton Live) and integrated them into my Hands-on system.

Hands-on: Add/Remove Module

Each instrument in Hands-on allows for multiple modules to be added to them. This video demonstrates how adding and removing modules works.

Hands-on: Snapshots Demo

Hands-on allows each state to be stored in a snapshot and then loaded when the designated bar number is reached. This video demonstrates loading snapshots that incorporate various features of the system.

Metasound Etude

I created a Metasound graph quickly to test the newly added wavetable capabilities of Unreal Engine Audio.

The Passage - MINT Performance

Here is the live performance of my piece The Passage at the Music In New Technologies (MINT) conference in Halifax in 2018. I composed and improvised this piece using Sonic Matter, a music performance system that I built in Max for my master's thesis.

Delays - Improvisation

Nia Devetzis improvised using my Delays musical performance system, which was designed in Max and utilized Phidgets sensors and an iPad.


Impulses is an audiovisual composition created using Max, Jitter, and custom shaders written in GLSL. The sound component is generated with a wavetable synthesizer programmed in Max.WARNING: This video has the potential to induce seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


Growth is an installation that showcases slime mould growth through an interactive sculpture. For this project, I collaborated with three designers from various disciplines including computational media design, architecture, and technical theatre. The structure reacts to participants' interaction through force sensors, altering the overall soundscape based on their input.I utilized Max to control user interaction and manage audio playback through four loudspeakers positioned around the exhibition space.

Creative Task Practice

This composition serves as a practice for the creative task required for my Field of Study examinations. I was given three short sound clips, each between 1 and 3 seconds long, and tasked with creating a 4-minute composition within a four-day timeframe.

Creative Task

This composition is the final product of my first task for a PhD candidacy. I was given 4 short sound clips (between 1 and 3 seconds long) and asked to create a 5-minute composition within a week.

Trim Reapers - Airwiggles Sound Showdown Semifinal Entry

Here is our submission as the Trim Reapers (Andrew Jordan, Sebastian Teodoro, and myself) that earned us a ticket to the finals of the Airwiggles Sound Design Showdown. Our prompt was to create a sentient, talking star constellation.In this submission, Andrew handled the voiceovers while I was responsible for designing all the sounds. With input from my teammates, I was able to bring the project to completion.


Hey there, I'm Abdullah Soydan. I'm a sound designer, sonic artist, audio programmer, and academic with an insatiable hunger for knowledge.I have a passion for both video games and audio. My interests range from field recording and audio programming to designing electronic instruments and tools, 3d printing, and building microphones and pedals.I have been professionally involved in various audio fields for over a decade, including music production, sound recording, sound design, audio post-production, and teaching. I hold a master's degree in Sonic Arts and am currently working towards completing my PhD in the same field, with an expected graduation date of September of this year.

Some of my favourite games:

  • Antichamber

  • Spore

  • Limbo

  • Diablo series

  • Half Life series

  • The Sims series

  • Stardew Valley

  • Elden Ring

  • God of War

  • Battlefield series

What I'm playing these days:

  • Alan Wake II

  • Diablo IV

  • Counter-Strike 2

  • Lethal Company

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